Rested + Ready

t has taken longer than planned to write an update post on my safe arrival, new projects, and new location, but that is only because I have been thoroughly enjoying the much needed rest we have all been praying for.

Don’t hear me wrong, I’m working my butt off and earning each meal like I harvested it from the earth myself. But the sweet little introvert living inside of me has been getting her fill of alone time, so I decided to leave you all in the states for a few days while I took some time to recharge my batteries.

Several days in, Im feeling much more like myself. So, here I am, writing to you lovely people. My new living situation is quite different from Masana. By quite, I mean its the polar opposite. Rather than a houseful of boys and constant excitement, I now find myself living in an apartment with a grandmother who doesn’t speak a lick of English. We smile and point a lot. I can tell you quite honestly that I am PRAISING GOD for getting me to study the language as hard as I have been these past few months. Otherwise, I think she and I would be hopelessly lost. As it is, we are finding a nice little rhythm, and I think we’ll be quite content with one another for the next few weeks.

I have a lot of projects with five total ministries in this location, so Im going to be a very busy señorita for the next month and a half. I hit the ground running on the first day and have already washed and primed the wall for my first mural. This afternoon I bought my paints and mixed up my new pallet. In the morning I will start chalking and hopefully be painting by lunchtime!

[Special apology to all English teachers who have tried their hardest to teach me grammar and proper writing skills over the years. I know long sentences are terrible, but my new found rest has me feeling mischievous and its the little rebellions that bring me the most joy.]