A Day in the Life

Let me just start by saying yesterday was a day I could have joyfully lived in for much longer than 24 hours. Nothing spectacular happened. There were no great epiphanies, adventures or awe inspiring moments. It was just a full, contented day. I’ve spent so much of my life wishing for what was to come or what has already passed, that I think I’ve missed out on far to many days like this without realizing it.

I woke up at sunrise and started the morning sipping my instant coffee while fighting for this island in prayer. That leisurely yet meaningful time with God, as well as a few Frosted Flakes, filled me up to start my day. My 30 minute drive to work was uneventful. All that was left of the baptistery painting was the details. I jumped into that empty turquoise painted pool and painted without pause till lunch. I had a drumstick, rice and beans, slaw, and a cold Pepsi. In my ears, Jane Austen was reading me the conclusion of Emma.

In the afternoon, I met a 10 year old girl named Akeela. We sang Adele together and she talked to me about school. I wrapped up for the day, drove home and worked out on my balcony with my make-shift kettle bell (a broken cinder block with rope…it works). I took a refreshingly cool shower and then put on my flowy elephant pants that I got in Mozambique. They make me happy.

At around 6:15, I got in my car and started driving back up the mountain for a church movie night (AKA community). To be honest I was a little nervous. I’ve only just gotten comfortable with that drive during the day. By heading back up that way late in the afternoon, I was committing to driving it at night.

Midway through my drive, I came upon a beautiful clearing of vibrant jungle and mountain passes. In that one long moment, all the little moments of the day came into alignment in my mind. I was struck by His love, and more over, His love for me. How can one commonplace person be so actively loved, so intentionally set apart by a God who is so much bigger than my little brain can fathom?

Day in and day out I prove how undeserving I am of His attentions and His grace, and yet He stays here with me. Yet, He continues to trust me with dreams He’s invited me to share with Him. Yet He gives me days like this.

The movie was good, the food tasty and filling, and the community worth the extra hour of driving. I was exhausted and safely tucked away in my bed by 10:30.

And, that’s the end of my story.

The structure of the day was generally the same as each day before it this week. It wasn’t the events, but the fullness and sweet peace that lingered through each moment that made this day uncommon, and uncommonly good.