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Chase Park Warehouse
Athens, Ga


MEIRA Missions


Meredith Raiford

Some days you can’t tear me from my work, and some days a rat crawls under some rocks next to it and dies. I wish that was a clever analogy, but alas, it was a pungently real part of my weekend.

Life Here, is much like life anywhere, in that it has its ups and downs. Other than that though, life here is completely unlike anything I’ve ever known. My day to day life is filled with unfamiliar languages, foods, routines, people and smells. You’re never truly submerged into a culture until you enter into it on your own. When studying abroad or going on short term mission trips in the past I’ve always gone with other Americans, thereby bringing a slice of American culture with me to each exotic place I’ve visited. Here though, I am on my own. I have learned to adapt everything about my way of life to fit into an entirely different culture and environment.

In some ways its been really challenging. Being sick hasn’t helped. In many ways though, its been immensely rewarding. I’m getting a genuine glimpse into the lives of these incredible missionaries and strong, loving young men. Their life here is beautiful. I can’t describe it any other way. For a house filled with so much heartbreak and loss, I’ve never been surrounded by so much sheer joy and abounding love.

Its funny how quickly I’ve adapted to living in a house full of boys. I’ve learned: not to start paint wars with those who are bigger than you, that the proper portion size per meal is roughly the mass of your own head, and that alone time isn’t a real thing.

While its been an adjustment for me, its also funny to me how much these boys have adjusted to living with a girl. One of the boys is so sweet to check on me regularly to make sure I’m ok and am not sneaking off to cry whenever Im alone. I have had tea made and brought to me on several occasions, just because they know I love it. I am rarely allowed to walk somewhere by myself, even though the directors feel its safe. And last night I came into the living room to find big strong Nedved watching Fried Green Tomatoes, because I had told him earlier that it was one of my favorites. I should say that, today we were back to Fast and Furious, but he did admit that he loved Idgie as much as I do.

All in all, Im in love with this ministry and these people. This way of life is not familiar, and its not necessarily comfortable either, but its filled with laughter and joy, and I am loving every minute of it.

P.S. I would very much appreciate your prayers for my health, as I’ve been sick for about a week now. Its nothing too serious, but all the same I’m pretty over it.